dolphin in wave

dolphin in wave

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Julie and Julia...brought me back to blog. Supportive friends showed me I should stay.

Watching the cute movie brought my thoughts back to this blog so I decided to check back in and patch into my creative Psyche again.  When I got here I was surprised to find the most heart warming and supportive comments left by some new friends.
When I put the blog together I threw it up to see if it would stick lol
So now I think I should put some thought into personalizing it.  I think my artwork is beautiful but it doesn't connect with this path so my first step is to redesign this home and make it reflect my blog.
Having POTS (Dysautonomia), I have many casualties.  My old nemesis has an endless hunger for what it will devour and creativity seems to be the first one to go.
Exhaustion feeds on creativity like a rabid werewolf in the moonlight!  So we'll see what we get.

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